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We House Radio TOP 20


Top 20 most played tracks on We House Radio over the last week 18-08-2019

1.Roberto Palmero - Rasta Flag Night (Original Mix)
2.Dan Drastic, Sven Tasnadi - Crazy Inside (Orig ...

Defected In The House




Traxsource LIVE!


Traxsource LIVE! 237 - JKriv


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03:00 We House Radio TOP 20

05:00 Dance Trax

13:00 Andrea Fiorino Mastermix

14:00 Dance Trax


01:00 Traxsource LIVE!

03:00 Andrea Fiorino Mastermix

04:00 Dance Trax

13:00 Todd Terry - InHouse Radio

14:00 Dance Trax

18:00 Andrea Fiorino Mastermix

19:00 Dance Trax



00:00 Midnight Express

01:00 Dance Trax

03:00 Defected In The House

05:00 Dance Trax

13:00 Clubology

15:00 Dance Trax

17:00 We House Radio TOP 20

19:00 Fabio Tosti pres. Whos inda house?

20:00 Dance Trax


01:00 Dance Trax

03:00 Release Yourself

05:00 Dance Trax

13:00 Hidden Affairs

14:00 Dance Trax

21:00 Airlines Podcast

22:00 Dance Trax


00:00 Clubology

02:00 Dance Trax

03:00 Fabio Tosti pres. Whos inda house?

04:00 Dance Trax

10:00 Fabio Tosti pres. Whos inda house?

11:00 Dance Trax

14:00 Defected In The House

16:00 Traxsource LIVE!

18:00 Dance Trax

21:00 Todd Terry - InHouse Radio

22:00 Dance Trax


00:00 Dance Trax

01:00 Midnight Express

02:00 Dance Trax

20:00 Defected In The House

21:00 Release Yourself

23:00 Traxsource LIVE!


00:00 Network Satellite

02:00 Airlines Podcast

03:00 Dance Trax

10:00 Clubology

12:00 Dance Trax

13:00 We House Radio TOP 20

15:00 Dance Trax



Airlines Podcast

DJ set by Mirko Paoloni. D.j. for 20 years, born artistically on the house scene of the early '90s. In 1996, he began his first radio experience, ensuring the image and development, as regards the Piedmont region, RADIO COMPANY and becomes part of the rotation of the program djs mixed NETWORK ...

Andrea Fiorino Mastermix

Andrea Fiorino's DJ career began in 1995, at the age of 16, and was motivated by listening to Lorenzo Al Dino's radio show on Austrian CD International radio station. At that time he occasionally DJ'd at his friend's club named Spider, located in his hometown of Brno, Czech Republic. It was ...


30 positions of the hottest house tracks, with the most soul. Selected by Italian DJ Mirko Paoloni.

Dance Trax

Dance Trax is like your favorite Saturday Night DJ, bringing you the best of todays new house music, while not forgetting your old favorites. We guarantee you'll wanna shake your ass. So get on the dancefloor!

The program is curated by Bo Organetto.

Defected In The House

With more than 20 countries tuning in across the world on the FM airwaves and countless more catching the show digitally and online, Defected’s In The House Radio Show is the go to destination for all things House. Selecting the very finest and freshest upfront tracks, paying homage the roots of the ...

Network Satellite

Network Satellite is the name of a radio show, well known in Italy. It’s almost a cult among the historical fans of quality house music. The first edition of Satellite, originally called Italia Network Satellite, came to life on june 17th 1991 and was broadcasted by the most important dance radio ...

Release Yourself

Release Yourself with world renowned DJ, Producer, Radio and Podcast host Roger Sanchez. More Roger Sanchez on rogersanchez.com

Todd Terry - InHouse Radio

Coming at you every month, Todd Terry presents the InHouse radio show, featuring one hour of real house music, including new cuts and remixes from Todd himself, some classic tracks, and plenty of fresh material from other artists. Expect 60 minutes of dance floor ready tunes and a unique insight into ...

Traxsource LIVE!

Hailing from NYC, Escobar is a fresh new face on the House scene. A recent graduate of the esteemed Point Blank Music School, Wendy’s underground adventures so far have seen her play numerous House hotspots from London to Detroit, Movement to Burning Man, honing her craft and cutting her teeth playing ...

We House Radio TOP 20

Top 20 most played tracks on We House Radio over the last week.


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